About Us

   Welcome to Online Jobs

Created to help you start your online income journey and to show you all the tested and paying jobs online that will not run away with your earnings and waste your time and effort .

Today in this digital age you can earn money online in more than one way so by browsing this site you can see which option is best for you.

We started our journey back in 2013 with Paid To Click sites and Traffic Exchanges and Network Marketing and Afiliate Marketing methods and many more ways you can start generating income online.

I will do my best to help you understand the rules of making money online and together we will grow and prosper from our work.

If you are tired of all of those secret systems that gurus sell online and all the sites that turn bad overnight wasting your time then you are at the right website. 

My goal is to find at least few people that are willing to do some teamwork together to build downlines in these listed programs and start generating income.

Jobs listed on the site are tested and all are paying on time every. We cashed out many times from all of them so I can guarantee you will make money online by using them. Amount of money you gonna  earn depends on your effort and actions you do after registering. How to guides and tips and tricks will be explained in future posts so you can understand every site you register  with and how to use them to generate your income online. Some of the sites are free to start and others require initial investment to start working . So make sure you check those that you think will suit you  and register and start working towards your new online income  and as always you can bookmark this site and check all the latest updates and news  as well as how to guides for every job that is listed on this site.

Games are always source of income  but with these games listed on this site and our partner site that income will eventually go to you as soon as we reach solid players base and daily activity. I will use revenue sharing option for all registered and active members that play games added on the site and pay for their sessions. For start  you can enjoy playing them till we get enough people playing daily because we will not generate enough cash to share but as soon as we start making some daily income with games you will be notified about revenue sharing. So when you have some spare time you can always play few games or while you wait between the claims on faucets or taking a break from posting ads for your business. Whenever you have some time to spare you can now play games and earn money for it. We have few partner sites that are paying by CPM session.

Bitcoin took the world already so it is time for you to start investing in crypto or start earning some coins and sell them to earn money or trade the coins on exchanges. From faucets to cloud mining and web browser mining as well as revenue share projects that we list on this site are all legit and paying. For the referrals that deside to join under our downline we will share commissions with them and work together to gradually build teams for every referral we get  because only together we can create income online and work from home to secure your financial independence and enjoy in lfe without worrying about cash flow.  Hardest thing is to start and work daily but with the sites listed here you only need few minutes daily  to go over all of them and to grow your daily bonuses for claims and many other Loyalty rewards that are available 

In our shop section you will find many great products to grow your business and advertise it to a targeted visitors and many software and programs to help you grow your downline.  If you need any help with your websites or graphic design you can always use our services so we will create or edit your site or work on your theme editing and any other service you may require. A lot of PLR and MMR products and software to ease your promotion and lead building  your email lists with gifting that PLR and MMR. Affiliated products we find interesting will be listed as well and a best collection of programs  you actually need  if you run an online business . We will try to get the best rated and most useful products for you to start generating income online and work from home. You can always resell every product we list for a price you select to others so Yes you can dropship  every product listed and make money that way as well.

Sites operated by me will be listed here so you can see examples of our work in case you need web design services as well as to use our sites and groups for your advertising efforts and grow.