DIGIMON BTC Review Free Bitcoin Generator Legit and Paying

Play Digimon Online & Win Bitcoin Instantly!

Take Care of Your Pet

Upgrade Your Pet

Attack Enemies

Online Bitcoin Paying Game

No Minimum Withdraw  and Fun Way To Earn BTC

Paying instantly to Direct wallet or through FaucetHub micro wallet.


You get gems through playing the games and in fights so you can use them to upgrade your digimon for more strenght and to restore your hp instantly. 

I recomnd you get 20 for your first try so you can get digimon upgrade for 24h  and rest of gems are to be used for hp restore since they cost 2 gems.

That leaves you with 9 restores of hp and almost 30 wins in 5 minutes with avergare 50 satoshi per fight but in upgraded mode you do more damage so you can win 3 fights min.

I will post my payment proofs below since you can claim whenever you want whick makes it awesome program to earn btc online playing free game without investment. No need to deposit a single satoshi and still you will earn crypto daily without hassle  straight to your chosen wallet or FaucetHub.

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