Play free HTML and Flash Games For Fun or For Cash !

If you simply want to browse the games and have some fun playing short arcade and embedded and HTML and flash games then just  go to our partner site  browse the games and start playing  after they load.  We will add some of the best rated games so you can have some fun between claims on faucets or taking a break from posting ads online.

If you are a gamer in soul but you still like to earn some cash while playing games you can  read more on how can you earn money from your sessions.  The more you play the more you earn.  Since you all know that you earn money to someone every time you play games online.  It is time it goes to you for every session you play

There are some online games you can play and actually earn money as well !

Buy the buildings in the «Shop» section.

Create your elven empire!

Place your buildings on the game field in the sections.

Just gain income!

Collect coins and sell them for real money at a convenient time for you.

Withdraw money to your e-wallet.

Buy new buildings in the shop or upgrade existing buildings (The higher a building level, the more income you get).

Great Design. Innovative idea. Interesting gameplay.

You get a gift for signing-up : 5 000 gold, for which you can buy your first building!

Birds price starts with 150 silver coins.

Automatic system of eggs collecting!

Collecting eggs without losses and restrictions in time!

Collect eggs as it’s convenient for you! 

Even once an hour, even once a day, even once a month! The eggs don’t disappear or get rotten!

Well organized market allows to swap the eggs for silver coins immediately! 
Maximal fast payoffs of money to your wallet!

In the process of the game new blocks will be added which will allow to fill up reserve for buying the eggs that will give additional guarantee to the players!

A lot of different posts and reviews online about this type of games online . We have the scam ones and the MLM ones and the good ones and the bad ones. So I have tested it myself to see the pros and cons to check from the first hand the truth behind the myth.  For a how to guide and for all the reasons for and against you can read in our post here




Earn Real BTC Rewards

Digimon BTC

Fun Browser Game

Bitcoin Bum

Unique cryptoeconomic game with the possibility of earning without investment


Generate Free Bitcoin Playing Simple Game

Tomy Game

Daily Gifts and Fun Game To Earn BTC

All of these games above are being used daily and you will be notified as soon something smells fishy since we are using it daily.

Every game is free to join as usuall but in some games deposit will increase your earnings and for the first 2 games Golden Farm and Elven Gold it is the only way to cash out significant amount of money. With 5 active referrals you can create nice income to use for advertising budget on other networks and sites you use for your primary business.

Offer your downline some cash back and encourage them to build downline for at least 10 active members so you can cashout and share earnings with your active members and increase everyones earnings.

Games are easy and simple and it will take you only few minutes daily to go over all of them or while you surf some other sites or between breaks of posting daily ads and doing your daily routine and before you know it you will see what potential it offers.