We Accept Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a great way to promote and advertise your blog or a website on various sites online.

Those who accept guest posts ofcourse. 

As of today you can create guest post and submit it to us and we will go over it and approve it or let you know what you need to change before we publish it.

Read our post here to see details before you submit your post to us so we can publish it fast without having to correct anything. 

You must create a post about your business or website with actual content and not just one paragraph and your link. 
Do not just copy and paste info from referral links and landing pages descriptions and call it a post.
Make sure you have at least 500 words minimum in your post as well as image or a video from Youtube.
We will go over every post and read it before we publish it on our site and if there are some errors we will send you email regarding corrections needed to be done before publishing your post.
Make sure your post is SEO optimized using keywords relevant to your website or niche and not just some random text.
You can create a review as well and submit it as a guest post but use same principles above in creating review.
We will allow one referral link in your post leading to your site or offer and if possible make sure you have SSL certificate on your site.
 If not then site content must not be just spammy advertising links.  
When you did all the actions on the left then proceed to submiting your post to us for review before we publish it.
You can use the contact form below to submit your post and info and use your valid email since we will reply to email used with updates.
Complete the human verification task and submit your content and wait for reply in case you need to edit content.
We will go over your post as soon as we get it and login to  dashboard.
Make sure you reviewed your post for writing errors and edit it properly before you send us post to publish so we can publish it fast.
You can always check online how to write effective guest blog posts and tips and tricks when creating your content.
Check this post from Brian to see some general info http://bit.ly/GuestBloggingTips
Use the form  below to submit your guest post to our site and advertise your website ,blog or  products and services you offer.
We will keep your post published for a month and notify you before expiration so you can verify again to keep your post published.
Complete Verification Task Before Submitting Post Posts without verification will not be checked and published. You can verify by clicking the VERIFICATION button on the right above login forms.
Please complete the required fields.
Please select your image(s) to upload. JPEG and PNG only. Max 3MB