Best AdSense alternatives to monetize your website in 2019

We all know that AdSense is the goal of every new blogger and website owner for monetization since Google is the owner and payouts are awesome as well but not everyone gets approved to use it.

 Also if you are starting a new blog or a website and still lack requirements and number of posts and your visitors interest plus clicks as well as time spent on your site then you should consider some of the Ad Networks below to start making money online from your blog or website.  

All of the networks listed below are tested already and cashed out the minimun payout to test them before we posted this article on our website. 

They have preety much the same options as AdSense in Ad Types and Sizes as well as placement procedure and also have a long  lasting record of existence so you are guaranteed to get the money when you reach payment treeshold and get paid for every impression or a click to an ad on tour website or a blog and even a E Commerce site if you choose to place ads on it.


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Bidvertiser for Advertisers

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Bidvertiser for Publishers

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