MyBitcoinTube Review | Earn 210$ Per Video

Get Paid To Watch Videos up to 210$ per Video

Get Paid to Watch Youtube Videos

Up to $210 Per Video

Up to 150% ROI, Turn your every $1.00 into $1.50 ASAP

MyBitcoinTube Review

Overview of the Group Earnings

Accumulate Bonus Video Points to receive up to $210 in BTC for every paid video ads. The more BVP you have, the higher value video ads you’ll get!
Paid Video ads require and consume Bonus Video Points (BVP) as they’re issued to you. You’ll receive paid video ads daily until your all your BAP is consumed.
View Bonus Videos, or Buy Adpack to increase your BVP. The more you accumulate, the higher value ads you’ll attract.
Turn your every $1.00 into $1.35 ASAP ($1.50 for Premium members)

Weekly Lottery

Receive free lottery tickets for each video you watch.

  • Receive 1 ticket for each video you watch.
  • 1 ticket for each paid video your referrals watch.
  • Receive 2x tickets during your premium membership.
  • Having more tickets increases your chance of winning a prize and your odds of winning a bigger prize!


Purchase AdPacks and receive credits for your advertisements and BVPs.

Price Per AdPack :$ 1.00
Video Credits per Adpack :100 Youtube Views
Banner Credits per Adpack :50 Banner Clicks
Bonus Video Points per Adpack :2700 Bonus Video Points
Total ROI :150% Premium / 135% Standart members , ASAP

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