RollerCoin Review Online Bitcoin Mining Simulator Game


RollerCoin is a great way to go up to 1000 satoshi a day if you like playing games and you spend at least hour daily playing games.

Build up your mining power playing games,
reaching high scores, and completing tasks.

Earn more money as you increase you mining power.
Buy miners at the in-game shop to get stable income.

Become a mining pro and earn tons of real satoshi! You can withdraw it afterwards or deposit more to invest further.


Earn real bitcoins

You’ll play as though you were really mining: every ten minutes a bitcoin block is allocated and all active players get a chunk of it. How big your cut is, depends on your mining power. You can enjoy a good reward for all your time and effort.

Build you own mining facility

Want to increase your influence? Play mini-games, complete different tasks and carry out missions to level up and gain more mining power. Upgrade your data center far enough and you’ll become a super miner – one of the big dogs.

The core idea of the game is a distribution of the block reward between players depending on their mining power – just like with real Bitcoin mining. 

There is a stable block reward, which could be changed each 1000 blocks, depending on the power, activity and number of miners. The more power and effort you give – the more BTC you get.

So far I have purchasedd 2 miners in game and every day while I go over my daily routine I manage to play few games to maintain my power and ranking since you are competing for top scores and you collect hash power playing games.

You get 100 000 power at signup and when you get to level 10 daily you get min 1000 power for every game played.

There is no cpu or browser mining included so you can play this on every PC and better smartphones and app is in developmen. So make sure you register and play daily since this program is paying way more than faucet sites.

With the last update you can keep your power for a week in case you get enough top scores in a day amongst players that played the same day so you can relax and play casualy and earn BTC  on autopilot as passive income.

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